Junior Squad 2016-17


Congratulations to the following players on their selection for the Prospect District Cricket Club for season 16/17.


The club is steeped in history with players such as Gary Sobers, Barry Richards, Greg Blewett and Joe Root having represented the club.

You are now part of that band of players who have represented the club.
Good luck to everyone for the upcoming season.  

 PDCC U16 Squad
MyCricket IDLast Name
0710337Bradley W
1028326Benny A
0831196Caldwell Z
0733800Devlin N
0895379Dolphin S
0985787Dowling C
0837536Faull L
0921562George C
0710344Gilmore A
0742660Goyal K
0671092Jain S
0763053Kent L
1066998Langley S
0747779Grainger-Balding T
1115984Hussiani A
0731338Kelly T
1337396Kriek D
0999675Mason J
0710355May J
0710358Minnema I
1089852Mistry Y
1082616Modi S
1098751Palmer M
0892017Sauerwald C
0641667Simpson B
1172265Singh S
0825488Smith D
0714961Toovey L
0749561Waterworth W
0892030Wilksch L
0844143Zilm M


 PDCC U/14 Squad
MyCricket IDLast Name
0985636Baker D
1066351Brar G
1066981Brett S
1128741Carey H
0985786Dowling B
0832643Ellicott O
0985789Forbes M
0834830Gibbs J
0892045Kent C
0733333Mayo T
0623521McKenzie C
0864480Milner E
1083258Mitchell J
0800826Mitev W
1019629 O'Loughlin B
0985630Patel J
0905611Patel H
1008589Pitt M
1285074Reeves A
1065157Sewart L
0774193Sherman W
0733337Steele L
0705498Torgal O
0774917Turner L


 PDCC Academy Squad
MyCricket IDLast Name
0985802Patil Y
1181986Shah H
1456025Newman T
0905189Clode E
0838444Grace H
1040565Shah H
0907726Llewellyn M
0990072Clonan J
0823057Zappia D
1456054Desai D
0797256Pedersen L
1116957Webber H
1285073Ellis S


 PDCC Ray Sutton Squad
MyCricket IDLast Name
Kent C
Pitt M
Dowling B
Sherman W
Baker D
Gibbs J
Sewart L
Mitchell J
Forbes M
Brett S
Patil Y
Carey H
0905611  Patel H