Round 11 - Prospect v Northern Districts - 2 Dayer

Look out for and respond to Teamer notification.

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Good luck boys!

Matt Clark


 PDCC U16 Red [Away]
Venue: The Paddocks No. 2
Date: 25th Feb - 4th Mar 2017



Simpson, Bailey
Kelly, Thomas (+)
Kent, Liam
Zilm, Mitchell
Langley, Sam

Goyal, Kush
Waterworth, Will
McKenzie, Cooper
Kriek, Daniel
Gilmore, Andy

Devlin, Nick

Wilksch, Lucas

Grainger Balding, Tyler

 PDCC U16 White
Venue:  N/A
Date: 25th Feb - 4th Mar 2017

Norther Districts Forfeit



 PDCC U14 Red [Home]
Venue: The Paddocks No. 3
Date: 25th Feb - 4th Mar 2017 

Notes: None 

Mason Pitt
Will Sherman (wk)
Sharvil Modi
Liam Toovey
Connor Kent
Blayne O'laughlin (c)
Josh Singh
Will Mitev
Luke Turner
Tom Mayo
McKenzie Forbes

 PDCC U14 White [Away]
Venue: Wandana Primary
Date: 25th Feb - 4th Mar 2017

Notes: Bring Afternoon Tea

Notes: Wear rubber soles

Dylan Baker
Billy Dowling
Liam Steele
Ayden Reeves
Lachlan Pederson
Ollie Ellicott
Edward Milner
Hugo Carey
Henil Patel
Jacob Gibbs
Jesse Mitchell