Introducing Shaun Klingbiel



Shaun has volunteered his extensive skills and will be the
Prospect Pirates Well-Being Coordinator,
providing valuable guidance and support for our
Junior and Senior playing group for the 2021/22 season and beyond.

A brief outlay of Shaun’s role as provided by him is as follows:

As a shorter statement the core role is about raising awareness of mental health and fostering greater well-being at the club and building support for players and other personnel.


At a club level, I will be following the recommendations outlined in the  “Supporting mental wellbeing in community sport: A toolkit for sporting organisations”


At a player level, I will be using “A guide for responding” as well as the procedures from the Youth Mental Health First Aid course which is quite similar.
Supporting mental wellbeing in community sport


1. Raise awareness
2. Build a culture of support
3. Identify champions of mental health
4. Open lines of communication
5. Encourage participation
6. Embrace diversity
7. Foster wellness and resilience
8. Build links to external supports



Are They Really OK? (PDF)           Steps to Ask RU OK (PDF)
Support Agencies (PDF)           5 Ways to Wellbeing Poster (PDF)


Please do not hesitate to contact Shaun
should you feel that you or someone you love would be in need of his guidance.


Shaun’s contact details are:
(m) 0414787385